Love Our Lobster


Who Are We?

The Lobster Fishers of PEI marketing board is made up of a group of lobster fishers. In Prince Edward Island, fishing is not just a job – it is a way of life. We take great pride in our products, and in how we work together to create a sustainable fishery that produces the best lobster in the world.

Our Board

  • Charlie McGeoghegan – Central Northumberland Strait Fisherman’s Association (Board Chair)
  • Kevin Robertson – Eastern Kings Fishermen’s Association (Vice Chair)
  • Malcolm Ferguson – Central Northumberland Strait Fisherman’s Association (Treasurer)
  • Lee Knox – Prince County Fishermen’s Association (Secretary)
  • Craig Avery – Western Gulf Fishermen’s Association
  • Wayne Campbell – Southern Kings and Queens Fishermen’s Association
  • James Cook – Prince County Fishermen’s Association
  • Brodie Creed – Southern Kings and Queens Fishermen’s Association
  • Ken LeClair – Western Gulf Fishermen’s Association
  • Stephen MacPhee – Eastern Kings Fishermen’s Association
  • Ryan Peters – North Shore Fishermen’s Association
  • Tyler Pickering – North Shore Fishermen’s Association


  • Vicki Bryanton (Executive Director)
  • Michelle MacDonald (Marketing)


The LFPEI marketing board is made up of 12 directors who are lobster fishers and are elected by their peers to serve on the Board.
Two directors are elected from among the membership of each of the 6 local Fishermen’s Associations:

  • • Central Northumberland Strait Fishermen’s Association (CNSFA)
  • • Eastern Kings Fishermen’s Association (EKFA)
  • • North Shore Fishermen’s Association (NSFA)
  • • Prince County Fishermen’s Association (PCFA)
  • • Southern Kings and Queens Fishermen’s Association (SKQFA)
  • • Western Gulf Fishermen’s Association (WGFA)

Request for Proposals

The Lobster Fishers of Prince Edward Island is seeking an organization or individual with a strong market research background to ascertain consumer purchasing and market trends. Download the RFP.

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

PEI lobster is consistently sought after as a highly valued product, selling at premium prices that are received equitably by the fishers who harvest them.


The Lobster Fishers of PEI lead and drive the demand for PEI lobster to maximize the value for the benefit of our members.


Values and Principles

In all we do, we:

  • Will emphasize the quality of PEI lobster
  • Will not make decisions without having good evidence to support our actions
  • Will get the right thing done in the right place at the right time
  • Will visually represent PEI lobster and PEI lobster fishers
  • Will be transparent in how our work is done
  • Identify and respond to consumer expectations (value, food safety and quality, and social values)
  • Support sustainability and care for the environment
  • Believe communications increase understanding of what we do
  • Will be accountable to our members by measuring our success
  • Will collaborate with other marketing programs where it will increase our impact


Strategic Goals and Measures of Success

Promote and Market PEI Lobster

  • Develop a strategic marketing plan
  • Create a premium brand distinction for PEI lobster
  • Collaborate with other marketing programs to increase impact

Ensure Accountability

  • Develop a multi-level communications strategy
  • Coordinate communications to members through Board Directors
  • Identify metrics for measuring success in all areas of activity

Grow Board Capacity

  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Establish opportunities to increase knowledge and good governance
  • Improve the LFPEI Board’s ability to respond to media

Develop Partnership and Collaboration

  • Improve strategic partnerships
  • Clarify collaboration with the PEI Fishermen’s Association


The Lobster Fishers of Prince Edward Island (LFPEI) was constituted as a commodity board under subsection 4(2) of the Natural Products Act to administer the lobster fishers levy and the marketing of lobster from the province; and to represent and protect the interests of the province’s lobster fishers at the provincial and national levels.

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