Marc Campbell

Marc Campbell is no stranger to the fishing way of life. As one might expect he was born into a lobster fishing family, a common occurrence among many of Prince Edward Island’s fishers. Marc learned the ropes from his father, Ronnie and late grandfather, Louis, making him the third-generation.

Marc’s earliest memories of lobster fishing go back to when he was a mere 7 years old. He remembers going out with his father in the early morning hours and cozying up in the cabin near an old bus heater. Although fishing is the Campbell blood, Marc wasn’t always certain that he was going to make a career out of lobster fishing. Growing up he helped on the boat as most children do, but it wasn’t until his late teens that he started to look at the job more seriously. Marc continued his education and acquired his captains papers. He fished off shore in Nova Scotia for several years combined with working in Alberta in the oil patch. As time went on Marc was drawn back home to lobster fishing and soon realized that’s where his heart and passion was. In 2011 Marc purchased the fishing fleet from his father and today he proudly Captain’s his boat, “Morning Mist X” in Covehead, Prince Edward Island.

If you ask Marc what he loves about fishing he says,

“I love the thrill of fishing along with the day-to-day challenges of the job. Mother Nature ensures no two days are ever the same and some seasons are more challenging than others. We work hard to skillfully place our gear in hopes of a bountiful catch, but nothing is ever certain in lobster fishing.”

Marc adds that to be a successful fisher it takes a lot patience, work ethic and a drive to succeed.

Marc is one of PEI’s 1280 lobster fishers. When asked what makes him proud to be a Island fisher he says,

“I take great pride in knowing Prince Edward Island lobster is being sought out and enjoyed across the globe. Our lobster is high quality, full of meat and our fishery is Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable, making it a premium choice in the global market.”

Do You Know Lobster?

Once inside a trap lobsters can never get out.

False – Lobsters Often Escape

Lobsters will often get out of traps - that is part of the design. Traps are built to allow undersize lobster to exit easily. Plus an escape hatch is made of biodegradable twine in case the trap is lost at sea. Adult lobsters will also escape traps at times; it is just more difficult.